Awesome Content Marketing Tips

content marketing tips

Awesome Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing could be best defined as the marketing with the objective of driving profitable customer action . A content marketing strategy can leverage all story channels (print, mobile, social etc ),be employed at any stage and all stages of buying process from attention oriented strategies to retention and loyalty strategies and include multiple buying groups. It has some very clear and sharply defined features that makes it the best possible option for a person trying to promote his business, in terms of being economical ,customer reliability and sales as well. All over the globe, brands are interconnected by the same goal: to generate unique content that their customers can relate to, and thus, help them earn better business results. They burn the midnight oil, invest the huge chunk of money and resources on this objective, and develop complex buyer personas to help them achieve desired results. But now the question arises what are the basic pillars of content marketing? What is the secret to a truly successful content marketing strategy?

content marketing tips

So here we are with some of the very basic rules which lead to a successful content marketing.

Make Your Content Distinct

As far as content is concerned, uniqueness is the main framework that allows you to stay above in a competitive world. Reiterating content and taking inspiration from existing content is definitely something worth, but adding something extra to it is fundamental to your content marketing success.

Customer Empathy Map

Empathy is experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective.  When we become empathetic for our customers, we start to produce better services and products for them, enhancing their perception of our brand and services. But at times we get to face the reverse condition. In spite of the fact that we try our best to satisfy our customer via our product, we somehow fail to attain that the reason being we at times are too immersed in solving a particular problem that may be important to us, but may not be to the customer with regard to the product we are trying to sell out.

Power of Social Media

In today’s world where people are much techno-savvy it is very important for the content writer not to forget the power of social media. It could be of great help as people prefer to be more updated via internet usage i.e. electronic media rather than print media.

 Target Oriented Marketing

It is very important to know that your content should be target oriented .you have to do the proper examination of the overall things and after that can chalk out such a plan which would ease you to reach up to the expectations of the customers you are dealing with. While doing such the time factor must never be neglected .which means that examination should be concluded within the stipulated time.

    Spice Up Your Marketing

Do not just get stick to micro-blogging there is a lot much more to do that could really add a real spice to your content. Why not to try out with video, presentations etc. These tools would make your audience to fall in love with your content.

Keep an Eye on Your Work

publishing only makes sense when your work is worth to be considered. Taking an occasional glance at its traffic from social media is not enough. Consider traffic from all avenues  . The more you keep an eye over the platter you are serving to your customers the better you will be as a host. It would give you an insight of the interest of people towards your piece of art.

Usage of Desktop Should be Curtailed

Your aim should not to be focused on desktop traffic as it can kill your content marketing’s chance of success.   This is all because now a day’s people make use of such device which are not only advanced with respect to technology but portable as well.  So here we get the importance of making such a content which is easily accessible via mobiles.

Risk Factor

The courage to take risks will help you to create unique content. Content which would in itself be a mark of your excellence with respect to quality and variety which would ultimately drive people to take interest in your work and feel satisfied after getting the desired results out of it. Success is hard to get without taking a few risks.As these risks act as catalysts which enhance our rate of being the most successful person with respect to the content marketing.

Simplicity is the Real Beauty

Try keeping your content writing simple and well defined with minimum chaos in it. This would make it more presentable and iconic. APPLE could be taken as the best example to justify this statement.

Stick to the Schedule

The key to knowing whether your content strategy is effective is to stay consistent. If you make one post per month on Facebook, it shouldn’t be surprising that your Facebook page isn’t growing very quickly. You have posted on regular intervals .so that your post isn’t being neglected due to the heavy traffic from other sources. In addition to this, you got to choose the right social network for your content promotion. With almost two billion unique monthly users, Facebook is a good starting place for many businesses.

Take Keen Note of Feedbacks

well we know it in advance that positive feedbacks are always welcomed .but what about the negative ones .well they are the ones which we should be more concerned about because these are the ones which provide you a platform to perform better, to prove your worth, to get best out of your brain. As in case of business, it’s always the survival of the fittest. If you can’t offer what your customer is expecting he indeed has varied option to opt for.


In short, content marketing is the combination of brand marketing, product marketing, and demand generation. Depending upon the need of your company, you got to formulate the appropriate content for satisfying the need aroused therein.

Mir Saeid
Mir is the Marketing Communications Manager at Digital Vidya. He has a British Master's in the field of International Business and Management, and over four years of work experience particularly in the fields of Promotions Strategy (Online & Offline), Branding, Public Relations, Content Creation, Agency Management, Project Management, Account Management, Client Servicing and Business Development.

He has a strong exposure to working with B2B and B2C clients with a hands-on experience in working on 360-degree marketing promotion campaigns.

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