How to Connect Social Media to Sell

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A sale is no longer something done between four walls of the office. Today,selling has taken a much sleeker and modern phase. A sale is all virtual today. From selling toothpicks to diamonds, people are doing everything online. While there are many upsides of this online sales, people just can’t stop praising it as each one has his own reason for loving online shopping.

Today it is not just online selling, but social selling. You do not just have an online shop, but you promote it vigorously on social media platforms. Social selling is the process that involves salespeople using social media to attract prospective customers and keep them engaged with answers to their queries until they buy the products. Social media is a free platform which helps you to link with different people across the world. You can chat with them, take the reviews, share photos and videos and it will not cost you even a single penny. Instead of spending too much on advertising in newspapers and websites, businesses have come up with this cool idea of promoting their products and services on social media.

Why social selling?

The growth of social media is fascinating. What was once a liberty of a few is now an addiction for the entire human race. Everyone we know is on one or the other social media. The addiction is so much that people are even shopping on these websites. Before buying any product or services, customers do tend to see what people have got to say about it on social media platforms. Businesses are encashing on this madness by introducing their products and services online and clearing all the queries the people have about their products. The B2B buyers are active on social media and purchase decisions are changed by them. Social media is playing a huge role in influencing people’s lifestyle and the products they are using.

What are the benefits of social selling?

Identifying your prospective customers is easy on social media with the help of SEO agency in India. All you have to do is look close at their lifestyle and interests and see if your product is what they need. Then you can make the first move of social selling. Finding prospects and establishing trustful business relationships is easy and quick on social media. You can message a person about your products and introduce them to your several range of products, they will read your message. But if you do the same in person, they will have no time to stand there and listen to your descriptions.

  • Social media also allows you to review your business. You can see what prospects and customers are saying about your products and brand. It will give you frank and instant reviews and this is the first step to changing and updating yourself.
  • Social media also helps you to know what your prospective are saying about your competitors, which is very important in this time. If you know how your competitors are wooing customers, you can also do the same.
  • You can research the market trends on social media like nowhere else. It is also the ideal place to initiate conversation that may end up in huge sales opportunities.
  • Introducing bonus points to references can also bring you new customers, who will go on to become regular buyers. Referrals are very important to expand the horizons.
  • Along with finding new leads, you can also build deeper relationships with your existing clients. This will alone encourage your regular customers to buy again and again from you.
  • Answering queries is also very easy on social media. It is easier for the consumers to reach you, clear their doubts about the products and order the products. All this can be done within short period of time enabling more sales and good reviews.
  • If you add a shop now button to your social media site, then the viewers will be directly taken to your official website from their social media pages. This means easy shopping and a great shopping experience that the customers will want to repeat.
  • To make your task easier and effective, you can use Social media management tool which save your time and enhance your productivity.

The old sales methods such as cold calling and sales demos are now not considered cool. The way that everyone is taking is social selling. It is easy, effective and costs less. Finding new prospects, introducing them to your company and expanding your business is easier on social media.

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