Free PPT Submission Sites 2018

ppt submission sites

PPT Submission Sites

PPT stands for powerpoint. It has been an effective way to spread out the content. This is a nice and interesting way to present your services/products to the customers. It helps you to increase the traffic and ranking. You will get powerful backlink by sharing the ppt on the high domain authority websites. There are many businesses who are using paid service to spread their products or services. This indicates that how it is effective and going to be a game changer for your projects.

Creating ppt is also a crucial part of it. There are many ppt designer are available who can create the wonderful ppt for you. It should be start with your products or services introduction, containing a brief information of it and ending with the contact details. There should be 25-30 slides on every presentation on a average. Keep the colour of your presentation’s background same as your website’s background. Choose colour very smartly. It tells about your products and services.

How Importance of PPT Submission in SEO

I personally do not consider it as a good backlink method. Because wherever you share your ppt, you will get Nofollow link. So. it’s not a good idea. But getting Nofollow link from high domain authority website is always be beneficial. It increases referral traffic to your website and helps you to spread your content in a unique way. So. it can be done.

PPT Submission Sharing Sites

Here, I’m going to share with you few high pr ppt submission websites. This list is having website, their Domain Authority and Mozrank. This factor will give you an overlook of a website and let you know that the how effective this particular website is! I here at Search Engine Libro, has decided to provide you the best resources of every off page activities. This is something what I want to do in Off Page arena. I’m sharing only those activities which come under the White Hat SEO.

Hope this list will help you a lot and save you precious time as well.


Website Domain Authority MozRank 96 7.01 95 7.09 94 7.37 93 6.86 88 5.92 85 6.13 84 6.26 76 5.86 72 6.5 72 6.29 71 6.1 68 5.23 62 6.49 61 5.65 60 6.42 56 3.77 55 6.01 50 6.03 46 5.47 46 6.22 45 5.94 44 5.33 43 5.99 43 5.89 39 5.63 38 7.2 35 5.82 35 3.35 30 5.07 25 4.58 14 2.69


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