Gray Hat SEO

gray hat seo

Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is the technique which is nor White Hat neither Black Hat SEO. It stands between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. This is because the guidelines in the search engines are not clear enough about it.  

Examples : Buying expired domains, tweaking social media and much more.

There is a big uncertainty in SEO community too regarding Gray Hat SEO. If there are two person A and B from SEO. ’A’ considers few activities in Gray Hat while the ‘B’ will consider the same activities in Black Hat SEO.  This can be understood only after reading Search Engine Guidelines.

In other concept if you have good knowledge of Gray Hat SEO  you can take benefits from it and improve your ranking and traffic without any negative impact.

Here are few Gray Hat SEO activities

  • SEO Squatting
  • Many Social media accounts
  • Redesign your website at regular intervals
  • Add a comments box to your site pages and invite anyone to comment.
  • Set up a targeted paid directory specializing in one field
  • Fabricate news
  • Charity links.
  • Write negative reviews
  • Link chaining
  • Pay for reviews
  • Free Stuff!
  • Content repositioning
  • Use Negative SEO
  • Promote non offending content – “Insulation”
  • Site Infection
  • Tattling
  • Guilty by Association
  • False duplicated content
  • Denial of Service Attacks (DOS)
  • Click Fraud
  • AdSense Banning
  • Black social bookmarking
  • Google Bowling

Reading after all these things we have reached on the point that Gray Hat SEO is a contentious issue. Never consider this less risky than Black Hat SEO. Be always White and play for long time in Search Engine.

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