High DA Directory Submission Sites

directory submission sites

Directory Submission Sites

Here, I am going to publish one more warm list of directory submission sites. There are lots of things  we have heard about directories. But here I am going to solve you every confusion and question regarding directory.

  • Is it good to do directory or not?
  • Where should it be done ?
  • Will Google spam our website ?

It is always good to do directory submission. But it depends on the website where you are doing the listing. Here the Domain Authority, MozRank and IP address which will make you very easy to select the website while doing submission.

Here you need to follow the few tips which will escape from being spam or hit by Google:-

  • Never select the websites which have same IP address (Given IP Address in the list)
  • Always select the high DA website (Given DA in the list)
  • Check the MozRank of the websites too
  • Do check the spamming score from Moz before doing listing
  • Select the most appropriate category
  • Never repeat the listing in one website

These are the tips which will save you from being spam. Follow these tips and do the submissions. The directory submission is the best for new websites. If you are already getting good number of traffic and having good ranking, never do the directory submission.

There are three types of listing available in directory submission. Get the link from anyone according to your convenience:-

  • Paid or Featured Listing
  • Regular Link with Reciprocal links
  • Free or Regular Listing

Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Find the list of directory websites, Here, I am providing  the websites which have good Domain Authority and good number of visitors on these websites.

Website DA MozRank IP Address
http://www.elitesitesdirectory.com/ 75 6.67
http://www.abovealldirectory.com/ 73 7.18
http://zexro.info// 61 6.19 https:
http://ilovelanguages.com/ 60 4.82
http://www.siteswebdirectory.com/ 59 6.22
https://morefunz.com/ 59 6.23 https:
http://www.linkroo.com/ 57 6.19
http://www.trusted-directory.com/ 56 6.33
http://www.urltrawler.com/ 56 5.94
http://www.shistlbb.com/ 56 6.46
http://1abc.org/ 56 5.07
http://www.pakranks.com/ 56 6.38
http://www.idahoindex.com/ 53 6.15
http://www.redozone.addr.com/ 53 7.14
http://supergreenme.in/ 52 5.97
http://www.redlinker.com/ 52 3.7
http://www.gtglax.net/ 50 6.08
http://www.86reid.com/ 50 5.95
http://www.bobresources.com/ 50 6.01
http://rapidenetwork.eu/ 49 5.75
http://www.mydannyseo.com/ 49 6.11
http://www.txtlinks.com/ 49 5.68
http://ellysdirectory.com/ 48 5.87
http://www.prlinksdirectory.net/ 48 6.1
http://mastermoz.com/ 47 5.38
http://www.canopusdirectory.com/ 47 5.95
http://www.codexcorp.co/ 47 5.71
http://www.activesearchresults.com/ 46 5.86
http://www.bedwan.com/ 46 5.51
http://www.tgp-internet.com/ 46 6.17
http://thalesdirectory.com/ 45 5.81
http://www.likeddot.com/ 45 6.09
http://www.pakadtrader.com/ 45 5.76
http://www.usalistingdirectory.com/ 45 6.03
https://viesearch.com/ 45 5.57 https:
http://www.ahugedirectory.com/ 44 5.67
http://www.tsection.com/ 44 5.57
http://www.thehillel.org/ 44 5.86
http://happal.com/ 44 5.22
http://www.mygreencorner.com/ 44 5.83
http://searcheurope.com/ 44 3.6
http://www.ecctrade.com/ 44 6.29
http://a2zwebindex.com/ 44 5.48
http://edom.co.uk/directory/ 44
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