How to Make the Advertising Attractive

how to make advertising attractive

Make The Advertising Attractive

Those who have decided to do advertising should know how to make it attractive so that it works. Otherwise, there is no point in doing it. The following article is going to help you to succeed with your advertisement. Look at it up closely and jump to conclusions. Success of your advertisement depends upon you and only you.

  1. In order to get your advertising noticed, it should contain good and interesting idea. If there is no sound idea, then your advertising will go unnoticed and will not work.
  2. The text of advertising is very important, but even more important is the rationale, the argumentation. The development of any advertising begins with its justification, or rather, first the rationale, and then the development.
  3. Relevance – one of the main factors in the choice of arguments. Good arguments (with their relevance) can be the quality of the goods, the price, fast delivery, safety in operation.
  4. You are promoting a new product. This way it will be only once, therefore, you must declare its appearance loudly and clearly, without any blunders. All that is really new about the product – must be indicated.
  5. What question arises from the consumer who just got acquainted with your advertising? – “How much is it?”. If possible, indicate the cost of the product in advertising.
  6. The useful qualities of your product can be fully understood only by a person. Therefore, do not hesitate to state the obvious. Show the product in action, show people how to use it.
  7. Think about how to introduce the name of your product into the mind of the consumer. It must be stored in memory, so do not be afraid of repetition.
  8. Do not exaggerate, do not praise your product – the consumer is always skeptical and can turn away from you.
  9. The advertising campaign, in order to become successful, must be adhered to a single advertising appeal and a single image, which will remain unchanged for years. This is the only way to create a snowball effect.


  • On average, the title is read five times more often than the text itself.
  • If the title contains a quotation and is given in quotes, its memorability grows by 28%.

By the appeal, the headings can be divided into:

  • those that indicate the advantage of the goods
  • those in which the news or announcement is contained
  • those of arouse curiosity

The best headers contain all the three aspects.


  • Photos are preferable to drawings. They are more reliable, better remembered, cause increased interest.
  • Those who read the sub-headings to illustrations are twice more than those who read the text itself.
  • The photo should arouse reader’s curiosity.
  • The photographs of the goods are always the most interesting.


  • The text is read, on average, by 5% of readers.
  • Do not imagine a reader in the form of spectators at the stadium. Everyone reads alone. Write as if you are writing a letter to them. If they show interest in the product, then you cannot bore them.
  • Avoid long and incomprehensible words. As a rule, as the number of words increases to 50, the active perception of the advertising text falls, but with a subsequent increase in the volume of the text, weakening of attention is not observed. So, the more you tell about the product, the better.
  • The more facts you bring, the greater is the demand for your goods. No one will read texts built on common truths.

Compilation of Advertising Texts

  1. Speak Simply

Never cloud your argument or your approach with the complexity of reasoning. Simplify and hone your thoughts. Wherever it is possible, you should use everyday words and short sentences, the meaning of which can be immediately grasped by any person. If possible, avoid technical jargon.

  1. Speak Interestingly

Try to tell fascinatingly and with enthusiasm. It’s good if you manage to arouse curiosity. Avoid long tedious enumerations and extravagant statements. The reader is not interested in your products as such, but about the benefits that can be derived from them.

  1. Speak Directly

Quickly get down to the point. Save the sentences. Sometimes the first sentence can even be deleted altogether. Then, if possible, remove unnecessary words, especially adjectives. Small areas of the text themselves attract the eye, because they are easy to grasp the view. If there is no certainty that the reader will not be able to tear himself away from your brilliant prose to the end, write only about the absolutely necessary points, and as briefly as you can. In addition, having written the text cut it down as much as possible.

  1. Strive to Attract and Hold Attention

There should be a logical simple connection between the way to attract attention and turn attention into interest. This fundamental rule is often overlooked.

Attention is held by offering the reader a series of explicit and as clearly illustrated benefits as possible. Of particular value are the words and phrases that give birth to mental images. Refuse the expression “comfortable home” in favor of the expression “comfortable housing”, replace the word “mother” with the word “mom”, because the latter are perceived more vividly, more disposable.

Never refer to your potential customers down, never let your statements sound pompous. Unbelief and alienation immediately kill the interest.

  1. Tell the reader what he should Do

The call to buy should be expressed powerfully and clearly combined with the incentive to immediately commit an action.

In each ad, readers should be told exactly what you want from them. Like sellers trying to complete a deal, advertisers should give the reader specific and positive instructions using phrases like “Write or call today to find out about the details.” Note that advice is also a powerful stimulant of action.

  1. Try the medium of Advertising.
  • Try the Text and Composition of the Ad
  • Avoid direct comparisons with competitors, calling them by name.

Newspapers: How to Use Them

You do not need to publish ads in all thirty newspapers in your area to find out which is better. Maybe you’ll have to check three or five or ten newspapers. But you are crazy, if you do not conduct such a check.

Newspapers are “famous” for the fact that beautiful advertising is often unclear, it is impossible to read because of it. There may be a way to avoid this, about which you need to consult the workers of the newspaper.

Place advertising where your competitors put it. Why? Because it is there that readers are used to look for such suggestions.

If you have really good advertising – reflecting all the characteristics and benefits of what you offer – think about the fact that it may be worth reprinting it several times and using copies as brochures, leaflets handed out to customers, leaflets that are sent in letters. They will be very cheap, because most of the price you have already paid, when you placed advertising for the first time. In addition, remember that you can increase the advertising and make a poster out of it.

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