SEO Risks to Take and Avoid (An Important, Brief Guide)

seo risks to take and avoid

There are ample of risks involved in optimizing a website.

Your rankings can drop drastically, because of a single action.

Also, because of the google algorithm updates, there is every chance that a single activity can lead towards penalization of your website.

In this risk driven optimization world, taking risks can prove to be highly beneficiary as well as highly perilous.

A simple risk can also help you gain multiple benefits, including your site ranking higher for certain keywords.

Here, I will share 5 risks you should take while optimizing and 3 risks you should avoid.

Before that, lets know when taking risks should be considered.


When Should You Take a Risk?


It is a common fact that, before taking a risk, you should always evaluate the outcome of the risks versus the rewards.

This way, you’ll come to know, whether the risk is worth the reward or not.

Taking risk is important if you want to grow.

A site that has been kept static and is not being optimized on regular basis, can loose all the hard earned rankings, growing is out of question.

You should optimize your site and bring possible changes to see growth.

However, it doesn’t mean that you become very brave and, Haphazardly, start changing everything in your website.

This is not the risk I am talking about. This could hurt you badly.

Multiple changes in a small period of time can lead to the downfall of your rankings.

Therefore, taking calculated risk is important.

With this being said, there are times when you should avoid taking certain risks.

For example, if you are already ranking high for a bunch of keywords,

There is no need to further change anything. You are already doing fine. These changes can get you back to where you started!

Now let’s discuss what are the 5 risks that you should consider taking.


5 SEO Risks You Should Take


Once you come to the conclusion that you should take risk, it is time for action and implementation.

Here are the 5 risks you could take to better your SEO practices.


1. Changing the Meta Descriptions


It is certain that the content of the page should be good in order for you to rank higher.

If the content would be poor, google won’t list you on top of search results.

But, it is also important that your meta description contain, important keywords that you want to rank higher for.

Your meta description will also come into consideration when google will rank you higher for any keyword.

This is a good opportunity for you, to optimize the meta descriptions and put simpler terms and important keywords in it.


2. Optimizing URL Structures


Optimizing the URL structures for your pages can help you big time!

Using simple and short URL terms with main keywords in it, can help your rank higher in the search engines.

Also, smaller and simpler URL makes it easier for the user’s to evaluate about the content of the page.

But, do remember to 301 redirect the old URLs to the new one, to keep the page worth intact.

Also, URL changes should be gradual and should be done page by page, instead of making changes to all the pages together.


3. Enhancing User Experience


User experience has been the primary factor lately which google is looking for in website to rank them higher.

Google is doing all possible things to ensure that users get to see only the best of the best answer.

In this time, when user is prioritized, it is important for you, to make changes that enhance the user’s experience.

You should properly analyse the metrics of your site and see what is the bounce rate and exit pages.

Then, you should look for problems in the pages where users are having a bad experience according to the metrics.

Once you have spotted these problems, you are on hold of making changes that help eradicate these problems.


4. Complete Website Redesign


If you are seeing constant decrease in your rankings and, are left with no option, that could improve your site’s performance,

You should consider wholly changing your site’s design.

Your design is a great factor that could be driving away users from your site.

A new design which fits perfectly with the content and is really catchy, can drive the users in and can lead to conversions.

Though redesigning beholds the risk of an initial decrease in conversions and traffic, with long term benefits, it is a risk worth taking.


5. Attracting High Quality Backlinks


Most of the people back-off at this SEO tactic in the fear of Google penalties.

But, backlinks are highly valued SEO tactics and can rank your site higher and higher.

It’s surely a risk worth taking. If you strive for acquiring quality backlinks, instead of just looking for quantity,

You’ll surely see clear results in the face of improvement in your rankings.


SEO Risks You Should Avoid


Now that we have gone through the risks that should be taken, let’s move onto the risks that should be avoided and can cause harm to your website.


1. Disavowing Backlinks That Are Not Harmful


Bad backlinks pointing to your site can hurt your site’s rankings and can get you penalized.

Therefor, disavowing bad backlinks is an helpful practice.

However, there are links which are not harmful and are not just pointing back to your site, without improving or degrading your site’s rankings.

Disavowing these links is a risk that should not be taken.

Disavowing indicates that bad backlinks are pointing back to your site and,

This could result in a decrease in your rankings.

Therefor disavowing links, that are not harming you, can prove to be risky.

Let them stay where they are. No need to disavow them!


2. Deleting Pages


Deleting pages is  not a considered SEO act. Deleting pages means, you will not rank for certain keywords which that page was ranking for.

Deleting pages is a risk which could drastically decrease your rankings for certain keyword.

If you want to remove some content, don’t delete the page and simply delete the content.

And then, put a redirecting link or text that could indicate users that the content is deleted and, they can find what they want on other pages of the website.


3. Making Drastic Changes As a Start


This a big risk to take and should be avoided at any cost.

Making changes is advised but, it should come gradually rather that all at once.

Incremental changes that are small should be made for a start.

Then there should be bigger changes.




These risks that should be taken and once that should be avoided, will help you implement your SEO strategies impeccably.

If you implement changes that are incremental and come gradually, you’ll see discernible results in a very less time.

Ayushi Choudhary
Ayushi Choudhary is a Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she write many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.

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