Structured Data Google Penalties – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Structured data permit the search engines to not only crawl but also understand the site properly. The web page content can be a tough nut to crack for the search engines as well.

Nevertheless, an incorrect implementation of data can lead to manual action. If you do not pay proper attention to detail, a loss of ranking can be the result which is a high price to pay.

A simple misunderstanding or not reading the instructions provided in the Google’s guidelines can give rise to structured data penalty. Spam penalties or manual actions can happen when there is no intention of spamming. Even a minor mistake can be seen as a spam.

Hence it is important to know how things can go wrong in order to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated. So here are some of the common penalties that you should avoid. Just read on.

  • Structured Data Must Match with the Content of the Page – No matter where the information is used, it must be reflected exactly in the same way on the pages that are visible to the users. You should never divert from that.
  • Using the Structured Data that Are Not Appropriate is a Mistake – This is something that can happen when you are not making the right choice for the structured data like when the company is offering a service but still using a structured data designed for a product. Something so trivial can result in manual penalty for your site.
  • Failing to Read the Developer Pages for the Data Types that Are Specific Can Create Trouble – The failure to read and follow the guidelines for a specific data type can lead to a variety of issues. Manual penalty can be the result of those errors. That is why it is highly recommended to double check the developer pages of Google in order to check what is appropriate and what is not. Just five to ten minutes of reading can save you weeks of being penalized. For the following types of content there are almost 20 developer pages like the Article, Course, Book, Employer Aggregate, Data set, Fact Check, Event, Job Posting, Media (restricted), Local Business, Occupation, Podcast, Paywalled content, Review, Product, Recipe, Software App and so on.
  • Failing to Review the General Guidelines of Structured Data Can Invite Penalty– Apart from the guidelines related with specific data types, Google also has guidelines that cover the use of structured data. It is vital to have a good understanding of these general policies for avoiding penalization. One thing that you should consider in this case is that just because the Structured Data Testing Tool of Google has validated your structured data does not mean that it is correct. So, it is important to familiarize yourself with the guidelines of the General Structured Data Guidelines provided by Google. The significance of understanding those guidelines is beyond doubt unmemorable.
  • Going for Manipulative Behavior or Taking Shortcuts is Another Mistake – For example, if a website is not offering a job but still posting the Job Posting Structured Data then it is manipulative behavior. This is a behavior that is designed to attract the users from the search results of Google to a page that does not offer the actual content of the structured data. Hiding the schema of the page is one of the biggest mistakes in this category like hiding the stars or the aggregate reviews and showing them as marked-up. Quality also lays a huge role in the rich snippets’ loss but for that a manual notice is not triggered always. This mainly happens when a popular page gathers hundreds of comments and the speed of the page slows down. So if you just go and lazy-load the comments, the speed of the page comes back.

So this way you can lose traffic and it gives the feeling of penalty but Google does not issue any notice. The experts of the reputed digital marketing company suggest that you should do the research and go through all the guidelines meticulously. You should not let the Testing Tool of Structure Data lure you into the false deduction that everything is fine.

Keep in mind that above mistakes and steer clear of them, so that you can succeed with the category of Structured Data of Google.

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