Top 5 Video Marketing Tips for a Real Estate Industry Helping You Conquer the Web

Top 5 tips for video Marketing

Top 5 Video Marketing Tips

Did you ever know that the listings with real video marketing tactics receive more than 60% of the inquiries, than the ones who generally do not receive? This is something more than the potential buyers. Plus videos help in increasing the understanding of your value proposition with more 74%. And all this means one thing you need to be making videos. So without any further ado given below are the 5 major video marketing tips for a real estate industry that would help you conquer the web.

Focusing on the Local Interest

People would here want to know what is happening within their local community, and is a fact that is especially true for those moving to an area that they are unfamiliar with. So have videos created on the local charity events, the school related activities, or a highlight on your business. In short try and post anything about the community you feel would turn out to be interesting to you and your marketing audience.

Consistently Tracking Your Results

At a minimum do make sure you have Google analytics running on your website tracking down the performance making sure you look at the results at least once in a month. Doing this would help you make informed decisions enabling you to understand if your website has any significant impact or not. In case your website has not been generating prospects for your company or property then it’s time that you revisit and take immediate action.

Launching a Video Social Marketing Campaign

Videos are generally believed to have the highest engagement rate tactics in digital marketing. People like videos when they are not just informative but is even much more accessible than ever before. By producing high quality business videos of your properties, or creating high quality videos that showcases your company, driving traffic from YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The entire three forms offer incredible targeted advertising increasing the online reach. The Social Media Agencies are already following these tricks and having more benefits than ever.

Community Content That Holds More Value

When it comes to the real estate industry or any type of real estate marketing you would here have to stay as local as possible. Generally, a niche market would do two important things. One it would make you seem like a local expert, as the real estate market is the one where people are looking out for specialists. They would here want the specialists in a specific location they have been purchasing in. Two it is easier for you to dominate the entire market. Once you get the listing done in a neighborhood then it becomes much easier to get a second listing. Real estate video marketing is the same way. When you farm the real estate territories do make sure you have some videos done for your business.

QuickTime or Blueberries for Quicker videos

Do you want to make some quick explanatory business videos in front of your computer, then QuickTime for Mac users and Blueberries for windows are the best tools that could help you make one of the best videos. You could here explain problems to your clients and customers and then have videos on YouTube when it comes to marketing. So does your client need to know each and every step taken while selling their house then it’s really very great, make a video and share it on YouTube. BrandStallion has already used these tactics and getting more views and subscriptions on their youtube channels.

So did I miss out any real estate video marketing idea or a tactic? Then leave your comments in the comments section below.

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