An Ultimate Google AdWords Guide to Increase PPC Ad Viewability

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It’s a well-known fact that PPC optimization is of great importance for increasing the brand awareness quickly and making more revenues. But, in fact, managing PPC campaigns is hellish labor for many people because of lots of guest work, investment, and unfortunately lower output. Therefore, you need to go through an ultimate AdWords guide to know where you need to start promoting your website on search engines through PPC. Just have a look at some important tips compiled by us here below:-

1. The Selection of Proper Keywords

If you want your website to appear in Google’s top search results, just try to know the main keywords and search terms used by the targeted audience to find products and services offered by you. For a more extensive search, you should find the right keywords. Use a good tool to find the right keywords for PPC campaigns. If you use appropriate keywords; it increases the click through rate (CTR) and cost per click is reduced up to a great extent.

2. Establish Search Terms for Used Words and Negative Keywords

Always keep in mind that, owing to wide matching and close variations of keywords, some unrelated queries can trigger your PPC ad on search engines when you set up your PPC account. You need to see the search for similar terms and matching keywords. Use them for PPC optimization in the next step to prevent searches from unnecessary queries. You can upgrade your keyword list in the future and boost the overall outcome of PPC campaigns up to a great extent.

3. Know the Google Display Network Towards Negative Keywords

Some PPC experts argue that you should not use negative keywords on the Google Display Network (GDN) because (as per AdWords)-Without showing ads on any pages that are on the list of these words, you limit yourself to advertising. So, you are driving the scope of your ad away and reducing the reach of the audience unknowingly.

However, you can use negative keywords in PPC campaigns at many places, such as the denial of the usefulness of your product/service by the targeted audience, social comments, and Themes that negatively affect your PPC advertising. By doing so, you can avoid the risk of using your budget for unnecessary advertising.

Know about Text Ads Also

4. Ads Groups & Their Proper Use

In the initial stage, creating an ad group will help you a lot and more developed contextual advertising to show yourself from all sides. Use two types of ads in order to develop an accurate strategy for your advertising. Furthermore, let Google optimize the best option for search the way it wants. Using different types of messages demonstrate your PPC capabilities. Google AdWords automatically displays the desired ad in search results depending on the number of clicks and conversions. Determine the best options depending on your business objective. Some excellent recommendations from us:

  • Use a third party as a tool to examine your advertising,
  • Choose your KPI independently,
  • The highest conversion rate,
  • The lowest cost-per-click (CPC) &
  • The highest CTR.

5. The Use of Mobile Apps and Games

If you launch PPC campaigns using GDN, working on mobile applications and games is something that consumes your budget quickly. Always keep in mind that Such ads will appear during the use of the application or games on the mobile phones. If your company works on the B2C business model, the possibility of lead generation is increased up to a great extent.

But, it is believed that hardly anyone will stop the game to click on the ad and go to the site of the product or service. Many users click on PPC ads for the sake of interest while playing games, but most often the click occurs randomly without any clear intention. You can exclude the ad placement on adsense for mobile apps if it doesn’t benefit you in any way.

6. Geo Targeting Helps A Lot in PPC Campaigns

In PPC ads, it is possible to exclude the appearance of your ads in an unnecessary geo location. And, it’s the right decision because it stops the waste of the PPC budget up to a great extent. To configure this option, go to your work profile on Google AdWords in the Settings ˃ Location˃ section of the Location Reports. If you notice that clicks were made outside of a geographically tertiary place, configure the location settings using the following instructions:

  • Concretize the current Geo Target,
  • Use Settings ˃ Place Settings (Advanced) ˃ People in the destination location and
  • Exclude unnecessary locations as per your needs.

7. Take Care of PPC Budget

In several cases, the budget for PPC is allocated for more effective promotion of the company and acquisition of leads and sales. But, it doesn’t happen at all the times. Always keep in mind that Bing Ads stood out, which includes a new feature in which you can use the conversion estimation tool based on your budget allocated to contextual advertising. It enables you to save valuable time and money.

8. Bid Management

In simple words, bid management is a constant adjustment of cost per click based on statistics and auction signals. It allows you to optimize budget consumption & manage impressions rationally. There are several built-in solutions to manage bids in Google AdWords, such as manual and automatic strategies, automated rules and scripts. Making changes in the management system is possible using the advertising system, AdWords Editor, and API. Make bids on only those keywords and search terms that carry huge RIO potential.

9. Regularly Audit the performance of Your PPC Campaigns

You should remember that the regular audit of PPC campaigns let entrepreneurs understand what exactly leads their future customer. So, you should track the conversion of your site, Google Analytics work with your page, clicks, sales, etc, regularly to gain improvements in PPC campaigns and gain better results.


Final Words

In PPC campaigns, there always remains unlimited opportunities for increasing the performance of PPC campaigns. This article gives you some basic ideas to run PPC campaigns rightly and gain good results. You can also explore new ideas yourself. Good Luck!

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